Machine Learning Engineer – Software Development

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Job Description

Company: Revival Talent Solutions, in partnership with a leading innovator in content personalization technology for e-commerce retailers
Location: Remote (United States)
Salary: Up to $170,000 per year
Benefits: Health insurance, dental and vision coverage, retirement plans (401k) with employer match, paid time off (PTO), flexible working hours, remote work options, wellness programs, and more.

Job Description:
Revival Talent Solutions, in partnership with a leading innovator in content personalization technology for e-commerce retailers, is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer. This company is known for revolutionizing content personalization through data-driven content generation and AI decision-making. Headquartered in a major metropolitan area, their solutions are trusted by e-commerce retailers globally to optimize revenue, streamline operations, and enhance marketing effectiveness.

As a Machine Learning Engineer within our client’s Applied AI and Machine Learning division, you’ll collaborate with a diverse group of scientists and engineers in a stimulating and supportive environment. Your role will involve contributing to the development of features and machine learning models for core recommender systems and their flagship personalization product. This presents an exciting opportunity to work across the entire machine-learning spectrum, impacting millions of customers and continuously evolving solutions to meet the dynamic needs of e-commerce.

Your responsibilities will include:
• Extracting insights into customer behavior to generate modeling ideas aimed at enhancing our content recommender system.
• Collaborating with data engineers to identify and make available additional customer data for modeling purposes.
• Developing impactful machine-learning features to enhance the performance of our content recommender system, assessed through both offline metrics and online A/B tests.
• Designing, developing, and deploying machine learning models as integral components of our recommender system.

Technical Requirements:
• 3+ years experience as a Machine Learning Engineer.
• Strong grasp of machine learning fundamentals.
• Proficiency in Python or another programming language, with a high level of comfort.
• Familiarity with an ML stack such as typical scientific Python libraries (e.g., pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, xgboost) or deep learning frameworks (e.g., PyTorch).
• Experience with data analysis using SQL or big-data processing frameworks like Spark.
• Ability to collaborate effectively with technical partners, engaging closely with other teams to gather requirements and make design decisions impacting our stack.
• Enthusiasm for writing and deploying production code, as well as receiving real-world feedback on your models.
• A passion for continual learning and a proactive approach to contributing within a collaborative environment.

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