About Us

Revival Talent Solutions

Revival Talent Solutions goes beyond traditional recruitment firms. We’re architects, pioneers, and creators, driven to transform and nurture opportunities. Born from the flaws of the recruitment industry, we’re “Revival,” committed to infusing vitality into hiring. We deliver excellence and value to clients and candidates.


As a specialized recruitment agency in AI, Machine Learning, and software engineering leadership, we provide customized solutions tailored to your needs. We uncover hidden talents, develop strategies, and seamlessly integrate solutions. We're revolutionizing the recruitment process for an immersive experience.


We're not just about placements; we strive for transformation. We prioritize clients and candidates, customizing each step for the best results. With a deep understanding of the AI & Machine learning landscape, we pave the way for success


Our impact reflects our ambition. We enrich the lives of tech professionals, fostering positivity within organizations. We envision Mondays filled with enthusiasm and talents aligned with their true callings.

Our core


Commitment to Excellence

Excellence is us. We exceed in placements and solutions, leaving a lasting positive impact.

Honesty and Transparency

We build on trust. What you see is what you get. Informed decisions stem from clear, authentic interactions.

Passionate Individuals 

Our team embodies "Revival." They go beyond, reviving recruitment and empowerment.

No Fluff

Our communication is realistic. We reject embellishments, nurturing sincerity and openness within the team.

expert team

Meet The Team - Director & Principal Recruiter

Jolus Lutete

Jolus has been on a whirlwind recruitment journey for seven years and counting, spending six of those years immersed in the vibrant tech scenes of the US and UK.

Beyond his passion for Chelsea Football Club and his steadfast devotion to his Christian faith, Jolus’s fervor for innovation, coupled with his excitement and belief in how AI and machine learning will transform the world, are some of the key driving forces behind the birth of Revival Talent Solution.

Okay, now you’ve read some pretty generic stuff, and let me guess, you’re still asking yourself, who is really behind Revival Talent Solution? It only takes a quick Google search and a few minutes in conversation to get a vibe of who he is as a person.

But, let’s save you a Google search. In 2020, when a stranger faced the devastation of losing everything in a fire, Jolus stood as the lone beacon of hope, rallying support and raising an impressive $85,000 to aid the stranger in rebuilding their life. It’s a defining moment that underscores not only Jolus’s unwavering commitment to helping others but also the profound impact one individual can make.

These values of compassion and empathy are not just words to Jolus; they’re the guiding principles behind Revival Talent Solutions. The name “Revival” isn’t just a catchy label; it’s a testament to the revival of human connection and kindness in the often cutthroat world of recruitment.

And oh, don’t mistake Jolus as a typical recruiter. No, no, he is very much an introvert living in the industry of extroverts. If he sounds like the type of recruiter you want to connect with, reach out.

Jolus Lutete